If you want to charge the battery of the car there are several ways, but do not get confused when choosing. A charger is not the same as a maintainer or a starter.

How to charge the car battery: charger, maintainer or starter

How to charge your car's battery

If your car's battery it has run out of load or you suspect that it will do it, there are several ways to load it according to the needs you have. Anyway, if your problem is that you need to start the car already, to get going, it is better to consult how to start a car without a battery. If it's not too old, as soon as you give a 20-minute lap at about 2,000 rpm you'll have solved the problem.

If you want to charge the battery at home and keep it in an optimal state , the solution is different. It is the battery chargers or maintainers. A more suitable solution for vehicles that for whatever reason do not move and end up downloading. In these cases, it is not good to let it "die" because it suffers a lot and can be damaged at all if it remains unloaded for a long time.

Battery charger

 Chargers to charge the car's battery

Battery chargers are a item in the workshops and in the garages of many fans. Not all are equal since there are different power levels and therefore with different loading speeds . If you want the battery to have enough charge to start the car in a few minutes, you'd better opt for one with a lot of amps (A) . For example, a Greencut CRB300 with 30A. Although this type of chargers require plugs with an amperage to their height that are more typical of a workshop. Households tend to have much less amperage, except perhaps in the kitchen (for ovens and washing machines).

You can choose other chargers with fewer amps, such as the Einhell CC-BC 15 M. This for example is more suitable for amps that can be found in houses , so you will not have problems. In addition, although it is somewhat slower, you can charge the battery enough to start the car in 30 minutes or 1 hour. Although that depends on how powerful this is.

As you can see, in the case of chargers, the charging speed depends mainly on the amps. That's why you should look well in the specifications how many devices you have to buy. There are very low power , such as the Ferve F-806, which only has 4A. Although that does not have to be an inconvenience if time is not a factor for you. Anyway, check out the next section because there are better alternatives to a low power charger.

Important Notice

Whether you choose a charger, a maintainer or a starter, it is very important that you select one with the right voltage . Most car batteries have 12V , but you better make sure and take a quick look under the hood.

Battery Maintainer

 Intelligent Maintainers or Chargers for the Car Battery

Battery maintainers should not be confused with chargers , but as they can also fulfill that function, sellers advertise them as smart chargers . Actually its mission is to maintain a battery with a good level of charge when it is not going to be used for a long period.But we are talking about several days or weeks working to achieve it. There are several good options in the market such as Black + Decker, Suaoki or Dr. Auto. The first is a good example of a device merely maintainer because of its low amperage level. The next two could be better slow chargers because they have 4A and 8A respectively. Of course, do not forget that in principle that is not its specific function.

Car starter

Starters for the car battery

Since we are reviewing the devices to breathe life into the battery of the car, it is also good to talk about the starters. These are devices with their own battery that can deliver a lot of amperage . We are talking about between 600A and 2,000A. That is, enough power as so that the car can start immediately or almost . They do not usually serve to charge the battery of the car by themselves, but once you start them, you can always resort to the load keeping it at 2,000 rpm until the battery is full.

There are very good options in the market such as TackLife and Vetomile, with 600 and 800 amps respectively. Of course, depending on the engine you have, it is better to opt for very powerful starters. The bigger the engine, the stronger the starter should be . And if it's diesel, more so. In the specifications it usually comes up to what type of engine it can start, but keep in mind that they are usually quite optimistic with what they can do.

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