The Ford Puma was one of the sports cars that caught the attention of the young people of the 90s, however, it could come back to life, although it was converted into an SUV

The Ford Puma could come back to life, although with a SUV body

Ford Puma

Between the years 1997 and 2001 of the last century, the Ford Puma was one of the most charismatic models. The small American sports car was the object of desire for many young Europeans, but after their cessation of sales, a generational change did not come. The reason was simple: the brand could not (or did not want to) develop a niche model that involved some risk and a slow return on investment.

From there, the Ford Puma was falling into oblivion. However, a month ago the signature of the blue oval has made a strange movement. You have requested in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) the registration of the Puma denomination. This registry, which a priori is worldwide, could not reach everyone, since the data provided includes the address of its Australian headquarters .

What is Ford plotting with the Bronco?

Ford Bronco 2020

In the official application , the name Puma is framed in the following category

" Land motor vehicles : cars, pick-up trucks, utility trucks, four-wheel drive vehicles wheels and sport utility vehicles and their parts "

Of course, we might think that Ford is thinking of resuscitating this model in a remastered version. However, the rumors, and the plans of the brand, seem to go the opposite way. Everyone knows that the house has bet its future on the SUV segment and that's where they would like to fit the next Puma . According to rumors, the registration request would be addressed to the new Bronco , although it is unknown in which version.

However, there are still several pieces to fit. On the one hand, there is the fact of having made this request from Australia . On the other hand, if it is destined to the Bronco , it does not suit us that it is going to be a global model, at least in commercial denomination. To all this we must add another note, and that the rumors speak about a "Baby Bronco" , therefore, we could think that under it, another model will be placed.

If it is true that the Ford Bronco will be a global model, even in commercial terms, we do not understand why registering Puma. Of course, if the generational relay of EcoSport is this "Baby Bronco", we can believe this. In any case, it seems a pity that Ford has decided to resuscitate the name Puma to put it on the door of a model that has nothing to do with its history.

Source - GoAuto - World Intellectual Property Organization

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